Cupid in the Cubicle

Traditional wisdom - mixing personal and professional lives can be risky. Today's reality - everyone, well almost everyone, loves a romance in the office.

About 58 per cent of the respondents in an Internet poll have voted in support of coochie-cooing at the coffee machine., the job-hunting portal, ran a question on its website for a fortnight early this month to help decide whether pursuing an office romance is in the best interest of employees.

About 12,191 people sent their answers. It turns out that some 58 per cent of them have either had office romances or are having one or are ready to have one. The Monster Meter asked: "Have you ever had an office romance?"

"No, I don't think it's appropriate," said 42 per cent of the respondents. Some 25 per cent said, "Yes", another 23 per cent said, "No, but I wouldn't mind" and 10 per cent said, "I am having one now".

Dhruv Shenoy, vice-president, marketing, Monster Asia, said: "The result of this poll is an indication of the changing social dynamics at the workplace. Today, to keep up with the pressures of job and career, employees may be inclined to spend more and more time at the office. It also may mean they are spending more time with their colleagues, resulting in more companionships formed at the workplace."


1. Save time and save money : no need to search for a partner to spend evening with.

2. Familarity : since you worked together you already know the other person well enough to realise if a relationship is possible.

3.Shoulder to lean on : you have someone who will understand your problems and offer advice.


1. Romance gets a way : having a relationship with a colleague may interfere with professional duties and decision-making.

2. Familarity breeds contempt : being in constant touch with each other may create friction.

3. Green-eyed monster : is he/she flirting with that bit**/bust*** ?

Could the love of your life be sitting in the next cubicle ?