He lost his eyes....not vision.

He lost his eyes after an attack of measles.
He passed the school final exam with 70% marks in aggregate.
His father stopped working because of old age.
His elder brother left home five years ago & started living separately with his wife & children.
He took up his father's occupation of hawking food items.
He sent an application to the local district magistrate seeking a job.

"Earning bread & butter for my 83-years old father and 70-years old mother became a challenge for me. So, I had no option but to take up my father's occupation of hawking food items. I would be grateful if I get a decent job," Nityananda wrote in his application.
The local d.m. was moved & called him. He decided to offer him a monthly pension of Rs 500.

Nityananda told him, "I have come a long way to meet you. And for this, I have not taken any help from others. It is just a matter of fact that I'm blind, but am capable of earning my own bread. Your offer is for those handicapped, I do not consider myself one......"

Maybe he lost his eyes....but his vision stands tall.

Source : The Telegraph.