Are You Lonesome Tonight ?

It is 12-30 at night. Puja is still awake. She is going to have yet another lonely, perhaps sleepless night.

She came back from office in the evening but her hubby Raj is away doing his night shifts at a call centre. The two are married for barely two months, but they are not blessed with the happiness of a conjugal life. Puja heaves a deep sigh and clasps the pillow tightly.

Who is to be blamed for such a miserable life ? Herself ? Her spouse ? or the differing work-shifts between them ?

This is not a isolated case of one couple. This is a by-product of this modern society. A number of young couple who work in night shifts in different sectors find themselves in a trying situation. There is a growing rift between the working couples as a result of it. This new culture has been taking a heavy toll on the married lives of young working couples. A good number of divorce cases are also being filed of late because of this reason.

So beware, working couples ! put in extra efforts to stay in touch with each other ! Dont take the other for granted.