delhi blastsfestive fervour,
deafening sound.....
bloodstains everywhere...

. Last night Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba militants (suspected) carried out three well co-ordinated bomb blasts in quick succession targeting crowded markets and a bus, killing 55 people and injuring at least 155, including some foreigners.

Burnt bodies, bloodstains, glass shards and smoking debris littered the spots as rescuers frantically pulled out the dead and injured. Thousands of survivors milled around in shock, trying to find out what had happened to missing relatives.

Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh expressed shock and asserted that the government was determined to defeat the nefarious designs of terrorists.

"The people of India have the will, capacity and resolution to win the war against terrorism."

Terrorizing innocent people going about their daily business is cowardly and an almost blatant acceptance of defeat. We will not bow to their threats or their cruel actions. Just do not underestimate our collective strength in the face of adversity. And I just hope these cowards will be caught and brought to justice. They will never break our love, care and bond between each other.My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Be strong.