Dolphin conceived from frozen sperm dies.

Japan's first dolphin conceived from frozen sperm died at an aquarium outside Tokyo, keepers said.

Will, a 2,3m, 170kg bottlenose dolphin conceived by artificial insemination and born in September last year, died last week, Kamogawa Sea World said.

"We're all overcome by grief," said Kazutoshi Arai, a spokesperson for the aquarium, in Chiba prefecture.

Keepers transferred Will to a special treatment pool last week with his mother, Norma, after the young dolphin suddenly stopped eating. Preliminary autopsy results suggested that Will suffered from volvulus, or an abnormal twisting of the intestines.

Scientists have been trying to improve insemination methods in an attempt to reduce inbreeding in captivity and preserve endangered dolphin species.

It is unclear whether Will's death had anything to do with the method of his conception.

The world's first artificially conceived dolphins were born in 2001 in Hong Kong.

Source : DailyNews.