Kashmir and Himalayas could face more disastrous earthquakes

more possible earth quakes in kashmir and himalayas in India
One of the world's leading seismologists has warned of the possibility of more disastrous earthquakes in the Kashmir region over the next 50 years.

Roger Bilham told the BBC News website that Kashmir could experience quakes more severe than the one which killed more than 73,000 people in October.

Mr Bilham has been working in quake-affected areas of Pakistan for the past two months.

He is considered an authority on the Himalayan faultline.

Mr Bilham said his research, using data stretching back 500 years, had shown that huge amounts of energy had been stored in the faultline but it was unevenly distributed.

"This meant that when (the tectonic plates) do go, they are very likely to go with a very large earthquake," he said.

"Our study basically showed that there were four places that could have a magnitude 8.2 earthquake or more.

"It also showed that the Kashmir region could have something like a magnitude eight earthquake."