Low cost Eco - friendly electricity from trees

low cost eco friendly electricity from treesMaybe the time has come to stop searching for an alternative, low-cost, eco-friendly source of electricity. MagCap Engineering’s Canton company claims to be developing a process of generating low cost electricity from living trees.

MagCap Engineering LLC wants to patent a process that converts the natural energy of a tree to usable direct-current electricity, company President Chris Lagadinos said.

He added, "It's a renewable source and it's an unlimited source. It's virtually untapped. The issue is clean energy and it's readily available. There are trees everywhere."

Though Jim Manwell, director of the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Renewable Energy Resource Laboratory, questioned the potential of MagCap's plans. "I'm wildly skeptical," he said. "I would need to see proof before I believed it. It strikes me as pretty questionable for a number of reasons."

Manwell said his skepticism is science-based.

"There's a fundamental law of physics," he said. "The energy has to come from somewhere."

Via : Mass High Tech.