Climate Scientists said 'Global warming 'very likely' man-made'

At last, the world's leading climate scientists said 'Global warming 'very likely' man-made', though I think its nothing new, just 'old wine in a new bottle'.

"The observed widespread warming of the atmosphere and ocean, together with ice-mass loss, support the conclusion that it is extremely unlikely that global climate change of the past 50 years can be explained without external forcing, and very likely that is not due to known natural causes alone," said the 20-page report.

By the phrase "very likely" they mean to say that more than 90 percent of 'Global Warming' are man-made.

The report says that global warming has made stronger hurricanes, including those on the Atlantic Ocean, such as Hurricane Katrina, according to Fields, the Barbados delegate, and others.

It also said an increase in hurricane and tropical cyclone strength since 1970 "more likely than not" can be attributed to man-made global warming. The scientists said global warming's connection varies with storms in different parts of the world, but that the storms that strike the Americas are global warming-influenced.

The next report is due in April and will discuss the effects of global warming.