Antibiotics found in Honey Brands

Many of us take honey to keep us healthy and to increase our immunity power. But a recent study shows that almost all Honey Brands have varying amounts of antibiotics and their consumption over time could induce resistance to antibiotics, lead to blood-related disorders and injury to the liver.

CSE said the study busts the myth that commercially produced honey was a 'natural' and 'pure' product. For the study, 12 samples were picked in Delhi, all well known brands including one each from Australia and Switzerland.

"Other than a single brand, Hitkari Honey, all were found to contain multiple antibiotics. While there are no standards for antibiotics in India, the honey samples would have failed the standards set for export by the Export Inspection Council. The two foreign brands also do not meet their own domestic standards," said Sunita Narain, director, CSE.

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