How to get number 1 rank on search engines

If you are blogging for money then your first and foremost goal will be to rank higher on the search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. You have worked hard to achieve the desired results, but still your blog or website is not ranking high in search engines. You know if you want to make real money out of blogging, your site needs lots of visitors and only search engines can provide them.

So what to do now? How to get ranked on search engines first page now?

Google's free keyword tool is a nice nifty tool to get an idea about the most searched keywords and keyphrases. But it's not all. The Free Keyword Tool doesn't provide the long tail keywords all the time. And you know the short keywords are highly competitive. And you know what, if you get a tool which provides Targeted highly searched, non competitive keyphrases for every post fast and easily then how it would be? Wouldn't it be great? You can get your blog ranked in first page of popular search engines for less competitive terms without any real effort. So here's a nifty tool for this. I have found it real useful. You can try this out. It would be fun using this.