Vodafone 3g India Plans and Tariffs

Vodafone recently launched 3g services in India for prepaid and postpaid customers. Since 3g is becoming the latest vogue among the teenagers and young Indians many of them will jump at the offer and grab it immediately. But you should the check the tariffs and plans beforehand.

Vodafone 3g Configuration and Installation

Contact customer care of Vodafone India at 111 and request them to send the configuration through sms. They will gladly send the sms, just open it and save it, it will be automatically installed. Also you can visit any vodafone store and they will assist you in configuring your phone.

Plans and Tariifs of Vodafone 3g

Vodafone Mi-Fi: Vodafone MiFi is Mobile WiFi, it can connect up to 5 people or devices instantly. It's battery life is up to 4 hrs and the cost of the device is just Rs 5500 (as on 16.03.11). Just check out the nearest vodafone store or website for the latest price always.

Vodafone 3g USB Stick: Vodafone offers two 3g USB sticks K3570 and K3765, compare both of them to see which one suits you best. Among them K3765 is faster.

Vodafone 3g Services in India

Vodafone started offering lots of services for their 3g customers. A few have already been started and few will start soon. Among the 3g services the most popular are Live TV Streaming (Vodafone TV) (currently offering TimesNow, NDTV, Discovery, National Geographic, Zoom and Cartoon Network for Rs 150 for all channels monthly payable), High Definition (HD) Gaming, Mobile Newspaper(Coming soon), Video Calling (the most important feature of 3g system), Video Blogging, Video Streaming, High Speed Internet and many more. Looks like quite attractive, hard to avoid isn't it? Then go for the free trial. Get it, experience it and let us know what's your take on it.

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