Vegetable oil : the Fuel of the Future

bio diesel : the fuel of the futureThe next time you're driving along Pensacola streets and suddenly smell french fries, you might be following Greg Threadgill's diesel truck rather than passing a fast-food restaurant.

Threadgill and partner Robbie Clopton, co-owners of T-Gill Fuels, are among the first in Northwest Florida to venture into the bio-diesel business.

And they believe it will prove to be a good move - both financially and environmentally.

Bio-diesel can be made readily from any kind of vegetable oil, including soybeans, peanuts, or sunflower seeds, and some types of algae.

Even used vegetable oil from restaurants' frying vats can be a source of biodiesel fuel once filtered, Threadgill said. In fact, when German inventor Rudolph Diesel first developed the diesel engine in 1895, he designed it to run on vegetable oil.