Who will win the IPL 4?

A few games has already been played. But at this moment its impossible to predict the winner of IPL T-20 2011. KKR, Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Superkings. Kochi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc all teams are playing very well and any one of them will be the winner. Specially Dhoni is playing exceptionally well after the world cup ended a few weeks ago. And no one can deny the fact that Chris Gayle, Brendon Mccullum, Jack Kallis or Sachin Tendulkar are unbeatable on their day. As T-20 is always hard to predict, this year it will be harder since most of teams are well balanced. Last three years KKR performed miserably poor but this year Shahrukh Khan's team is more balanced in both batting and bowling. Lets see how far they can go. I think the top 4 semifinalists will be Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and KKR. Let us know what's your take on it.