Fifa 11 Controls PC

Fifa 11 Controls

Fifa is always my favorite game. I have been playing for the last 5 years continuously and still playing. I always buy the latest version, since the latest versions always have latest players, better graphics and better controls. The only version I didn't like was Fifa 2010. It neither had better controls nor had better graphics. But the Fifa 11 or FIFA 2011 is quite impressive in terms of graphics. Almost like the real FIFA, and its more enjoying the previous versions of FIFAs by EASports had ever released.

But after installing Fifa 11 I realized the controls for PC and gamepad had been changed totally. After some permutation and combination I found the best control option to play the game like I had played the earlier versions. Those who are playing fifa 2011 for the first time, this configuration wont help them much, but those who had been playing fifa for the last few years it will help a lot.

Just open the file fifaconfig.exe, set the control configuration as I did in the image uploaded above and play. You can better control the game than what you did earlier, I promise.

If you are looking for Fifa 11 Cheats then you are wasting your time, since there are no cheats available for FIFA 2011 you can trust. Most of them dont work. Though i used the word 'most', it should be none, since I haven't found any cheat which really works in the last five years.

For fifa xbox and gamepad controls search fifa forums, you may get what you are looking for. But for PC this is the best control configuration... I bet.