Fifa 12 Release Date

Fifa 12 Release Date for PC, XBox, PS3, PS2, XBOX 360.

Fifa fans are eagerly awaiting the latest version from EA Sports. Last year Fifa 11 was launched in the end of September. That's why many are expecting Fifa 12 will be released around the last of September. Since Fifa is one of the most popular online games that's why the speculations are high.

Fifa is EA Sports most prized possession. For the last few years the popularity of fifa is on the rise. Every year more and more people fall in love with the Fifa game. Fifa 11 was the best ever released in terms of graphics but it was severely bugged. Manager mode crashes, Same player names for multiple teams, Autosave problems have not solved by EA Sports team till now. That's why we, the fifa's crazy fans are looking forward to the new version. Maybe it will free of bugs those encountered in the last year.

Since there is no official statement for the release of Fifa 12 game, nobody is sure when it will hit the market. But we are expecting in the end of September as I have already said, fingers crossed. But if you haven't played the last version till now, go grab it now.

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