How to Start a Herb Garden

Here's some working tips on how to start a herb garden. You can do it in some place of your garden also you can start the herb garden in pots too if you want. Herbs are not only essential for a healthy body but they also enhance the food value by making it tasty. Many restaurants use herbs to decorate the food. Fresh herbs rejuvenate your skin and body.

If you are looking to do a little bit of gardening but would like to try something on a small scale then you could begin by cultivating your own little herb garden. The easiest way to start is by using plant pots and window boxes. There would be a minimal amount of investment required and the end result would be your own fresh herbs that you can cut as and when you need in order to enhance your cooking.

How To Grow Herbs
The benefit of growing herbs in a window box or in containers is the ability to be able to move the plants in and out of the shade when necessary. All plants need a good balance of sunlight and shade. If you are new to growing things, then you will want an easy way to provide these elements.

Thyme is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It has a strong aroma and is great for adding to meat dishes and soups. You can choose to buy seeds or you can opt for thyme that has already been cultivated in little pots, seedlings. All you would need to do is to transfer to a larger container.

There are lots of different types of basil to choose from but the most popular is the sweet basil which is used for pizza toppings, stews and salads.

The choice you make can be determined by the taste. However if you have very little knowledge about the different varieties, you will be able to get some help and advice from your local garden centre.

You can choose to plant seeds or to buy tiny seedlings just as with the Thyme.

Parsley is added to a variety of soups and a lot of people use it as a garnish for almost any dish. It can be grown any time of the year and needs both light shade to flourish. The different types of parsley include the flat leaf variety which is often used in cooking, and the curly leaf parsley which is popular for salads.

Chives are a really easy herb to grow and to use. You can simply snip off the amount that you need, chop it up and add to a creamy dipping sauce as well as use it to enhance the flavour of your soup.

Creating your own herb garden can be a really rewarding experience. If you have children, this would also make for an interesting lesson on where food comes from. An even easier way to have your own herb garden is to purchase a kit that only needs water.