How to lose 4 lbs in 7 days

This diet is low calorie we suggest 1200 calories a day. It will help you regain your silhouette, losing 500 grams per day. Any diet, regardless of its degree of difficulty, request a medical examination. Make a complete set of analysis can clearly attest to your health status.

After this first step is going monitoring by a dietitian throughout the diet. The present reduced calorie diet lasts seven days and can be repeated after six months. Warning! Follow this procedure only if the nutritionist will give his permission.

Here's a plan for a day:

# Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of toast, with 10 grams of margarine, yogurt or a 1.8 percent milk fat cheese or 100 grams of lean beef, one cup of cereal, an apple, mango, peach, pear or orange.
# Lunch 200 grams of green vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, spinach, beets, mushrooms, peas, green beans, 150 grams of lean fish, roasted or boiled beef or chicken, 200 grams of tomato salad , cucumber, radishes and lettuce.
# Afternoon snack: a yogurt, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
# Dinner: catronel vegetable soup with a slice of toast, 150 grams of lean meat with 200 grams of green vegetables and 10 grams of margarine, a fruit of your choice.

More about breakfast

Many of us tend to wake up in the last hundred meters, to drink a coffee in a hurry and completely ignore healthy morning meal. This may be one of the biggest mistakes often made when we follow a weight loss diet.

Say yes to a healthy lifestyle! Being on a diet does not mean you do not have to eat. No healthy weight loss diet recommends no starvation.

If you try to make the breakfast a habit in your lifestyle you will be amazed to notice the radical changes on your health. You'll feel 70 percent more energy.

Our health will always reflect on what we eat. Breakfast is really important for you!

Here's what you eat:

# Muffins made with whole wheat flour and no additives.
# Eggs cooked with some greens.
# Whole grain unsweetened soy milk.
# Unsweetened biscuits with whole grains.
# Fresh fruit juice.
# Partially skimmed milk or yoghurt.

Even healthy foods should be consumed in moderation. A properly portioned diet and you will be able to get what you've proposed.