Bell Fraction Bike Helmet for Kids

Scooters For Children - Bell Fraction Helmet

When you buy a scooter, a balance bike or a tricycle for your child, it is important that you get all the protective gear so that your child will be able to play in complete safety.  You can now buy co-ordinating safety gear that will not only look cute but will also be able to do the job of preventing any injuries.

One of the most important things to buy is a child friendly helmet.  A perfect example that will guarantee that your child looks cool and is protected is the Bell Fraction helmet.

Reasons To Invest in A Bell Fraction Bike Helmet

The Bell Fraction bike helmet is one of the most popular selling headgears available from Amazon.  The reason for this includes the company’s history of producing helmets for the racing car, motorcycle and professional skateboarding industries, the variety of sizes that are available as well as the extensive range of colours and styles on offer. 

The Fraction helmet is just one of the many brands that have been developed for the child and toddler market.  It is an offshoot of the Faction helmet, which is the adult version and is used by many skateboarding enthusiasts. They feature stylish and colourful designs on and around the outer shell. These child sized helmets are made using the same technology and materials which enable the same level of safety for your child.

The Helmet Sizes Available
There are four different sizes on offer which are categorised as follows:
The extra small sized helmet measures 48 – 53cm
The Small sized helmet measures 51-56cm
The medium sized helmet measures 54-59cm
The large sized helmet measures 58-63cm

The Designs

There are some many styles and designs to choose from that it could take you quite some time to pick just one.  You can opt for the plain block colours including black, white or gray or you could choose a vibrant design like the bright pink helmet edged with flowers, which would be perfect for a little girl. There is a lime green helmet covered with creepy looking ghouls that a little boy will love. There are also helmets that feature patterns and images from the cartoonist and designer Paul Frank.

The Specifications
Each helmet is made from a tough ABS plastic shell. The shape has been designed so that is sits comfortably on the head so that the top of the head as well as the forehead is protected. The helmet is dual certified which means that it is suitable for both skate and bike use. The helmet comes with a set of different sized internal foam padding so you can use the best size for your child.  This provides even more protection for the head.

The helmet strap is adjustable and fastens with a buckle. This has been made so that it can be adjusted in several places to ensure that the chin strap portion sits snugly in place.

If you are looking for the perfect headgear that will provide superior protection while your little one is out riding on their scooter or bicycle a Bell Fraction helmet would definitely be the ideal solution.