Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 - Bloggers best Gadget

Last year in september Samsung launched their one of the finest product Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. Its not an ipad but its better than ipad. Long battery life, upgradable memory(16GB inbuilt) easy to use, thousands of free android applications, many more features will take you on the top. I am writing this post from Galaxy Tab and trust me its better than any laptop or notebook.

One of the most important feature is it's lightweight, around 380 gms and very fast. You can carry it to anywhere and posts from it to your blogs. Blogger and wordpress both have free blogging apps for any android based phones so no hassles. Just touch the blogger icon and 'Create new post' screen will open. It has 7" inch screen which ennsures plenty of space for reading and writing.

There are a good no of usefull free android applications like feed reader, gmail, email accts, dictionary(the datebase can be downloaded for offline use). You can also use it as ebook reader or kindle reader, you can read or write any text like you do on notepad & wordpad in computer. The price ot it is below than Rs 25000 in india and it is available in every major cities and towns. Just buy it closing your eyes and you wont regret.